Exciting Gibraltar Caves

Stalactites inside St. Michael's Cave

Gibraltar caves are exciting and full of history, the main attractions being St Michael's Caves, Gorham's Cave and the Upper Galleries.

The Rock of Gibraltar is reported to have approximately 150 caves within it, some of which are sea caves and appear at all levels, proving that the Rock had been submerged under water for some time throughout history.

St Michael’s Caves

The most popular of these caves are St Michael's Caves with their fascinating Stalactites and Stalagmites producing beautiful shapes and forms. As soon as you enter the Caves, the sense of drama is fantastic; the coolness hits your senses along with the deep silence and mystique. Many areas of St Michael's Cave are lit with coloured lights that add to the drama and beauty.

The upper part of this cave is open to all visitors to Gibraltar and often used for musical shows as the acoustics of the cave are wonderful for this. The Gibraltar Philharmonic Society is the main organiser of Piano Concertos, Operas and other concerts.

An important event in Gibraltar attractions is the annual Miss Gibraltar Show, which has often been held at these caves, lending a magical touch to the evening. The show has also been held at The Alameda Botanical Gardens and The Queen's Cinema (which is no longer used).

The Lower St. Michael's Cave is a great adventure and a must if you enjoy Caving. A trip can be organised in advance, but safety precautions need to be taken as these lower caves can be dangerous and are definitely not for young children.

Gorham’s Cave

Gorham’s Cave, located on the east side of the Rock, is Gibraltar’s most famous marine cave because of two major excavations that took place there. Valuable artifacts and information dating to the Neanderthal and Neolithic periods have been found in Gorham’s Cave.

The caves were discovered in 1907 by Captain A Gorham of the 2nd Battalion Royal Munster Fusiliers when he opened a fissure at the back of a sea cavern. Captain Gorham wrote his name and date on the wall of the cave and it has therefore borne his name since then.

Gorham's Cave

For more information on Gorham’s Cave, check out the Gibraltar Museum’s website.

Martin’s Cave

Rediscovered by a soldier in 1821, Martin’s Cave is located about 600 feet above sea level and can be accessed by a path leading from the Mediterranean Steps, on the upper Rock. Two 13th century swords were found in the cave and is now home to a thriving bat colony.

Martin’s Cave was surveyed by the Gibraltar Cave Research Group in November 1966 and there is a painted sign mentioning this on the cave’s wall.

Inside Martin's Cave -  courtesy of Jim Crone

Goats Hair Twin Caves

Also accessed by Mediterranean Steps, these two small open caves have been extensively excavated, revealing the ritual burial of a woman from the Neolithic period. Many of the artifacts were found with the remains.

Inside the larger of these two caves is a painted sign referring to the excavation in 1969 by the Gibraltar Cave Research Group.

Goats Hair Twin Caves - courtesy of Jim Crone

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