Gibraltar Attractions (continued)


Also part of Gibraltar Attractions, are some monuments and memorials, scattered around the Rock.

American War Memorial

Located near the beginning of Line Wall Road and part of the American steps for pedestrians to connect to the lower Reclamation Road and Queensway, this memorial was designed by Dr. Paul Cret of Philadelphia for the American Battle Monuments Commission.

This prominent arch was built into the main City Wall in 1932-33 to commemorate the achievements and comradeship of the U.S. and Royal Navies during the World War I (1914-1918).

Evacuees Memorial

Situated on the roundabout at the end of Waterport Road (adjoining North Mole), this statue was erected in honour of the Gibraltarians evacuated during World War II and were sent to Morocco, Madeira, Jamaica, Northern Ireland and England. The unfortunate evacuees, whom were sent to London, suffered at the hand of the German bombers.

While the evacuees were away, the British troops occupied the local homes. A couple of thousand men were not allowed to leave Gibraltar at this time as they held jobs which were considered essential for the war effort.

This very accurate memorial, by Jill Cowie Saunders, shows families re-united after the war. Those who lived this experience find this monument to be very moving and has become a favourite amongst the Gibraltar attractions.

Gibraltar War Memorial

This memorial was unveiled by the then Governor, Sir Charles Monro, on 27th September 1923 and is the work (on Carrara marble) of Jose Piquet Catoli of Barcelona.

There are two Russian guns close by which were brought to Gibraltar in 1858, captured during the Crimean War. Four of these guns were presented to the City of Gibraltar for the valuable help given to Britain and her armed forces during this war. The other two guns are situated at the main entrance to the Botanical Alameda Gardens.

The Gibraltar War Memorial (sometimes called the British War Memorial) stands on Line Wall Road.

Polish Monument

Situated along Devil’s Tower Road, on the Eastside of the Rock and at the entrance to Eastern Beach, this monument was erected as a memorial to the Polish Prime Minister (in exile) General Waladyslaw Sikorski, comprises of the original propeller recovered from the sea.

General Sikorski lost his life in an air crash in 1943 as his plane took off from Gibraltar during World War II.

The Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned, in Main Street, also has a memorial to this Polish patriot and is situated next to the left altar.

General Waladyslaw Sikorski

Other Places to Visit

Although not part of our Gibraltar attractions, Gibraltar's strategic location opens up the facilities available from the surrounding areas, proving to be a perfect base to explore the surrounding cultures, countries and continents.

Enjoy a day trip to the ancient towns of Seville (famous for flamenco dancing) and Jerez (the home of the sweet wine, sherry).

A short ferry ride across the Strait lies the North African country, Morocco, with its exotic town Tangier to explore.

There are also several major golf courses within a short drive into Spain, including the famous Valderrama golf course where the 1997 Ryder Cup was held, amongst other prestigious tournaments.

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